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Welcome to Listening Planet, your world of tools for improving your listening skills and teaching others how to really listen.




Order The Listening Cards:




Suggestions for using

this site to learn to listen:

Watch a free video or two

about how to listen;

Read the section on

'What is Open Listening';


Read and answer questions

at 'Mini-Tutorial on Listening'

Read some free articles on listening;

Order a deck of

The Listening Cards;


Download a copy while your

hard copy is in the mail

Read the "How to Use the Cards"

and "Learn to Listen" section

to begin learning;

Read over our workshops offerings

and attend or organize one;


Set up a Listening Salon at

your church, school, or favorite

local coffee shop



"I wish I had known about your

workshops and The Listening Cards

before my wife and I spent all those

thousands of dollars and hundreds

of hours on counseling that didn't

even fix the problem between us.

The problem was that neither of us

knew how to listen to the other!

These tools get to the heart of the

matter fast."

- Listening Card Customer

and workshop participant

You have many choices how to learn to listen on this site:


Pages and pages of free articles, tips, tests, and tutorials on listening


Free videos of a Listening Salon training facilitated by Listening Planet founder, Marcia McReynolds


The Listening Cards, a primer in listening skills, available by mail order or download here


Listening and other communications skill workshops you can attend or organize.




Enjoy a video example of Deep Listening: (click for video)




People who are listened to live longer and are healthier.

Couples who listen from Listening Planet to one another experience deeper intimacy.



But first! Are you ready to learn to improve your listening skills?


Listening Improvement Pre-test:

Committed to self-improvement?

Recognizing that your listening habits might not be the best?

Aware of a sense of what compassion feels like inside of you?

Wanting to be better at loving, putting your own issues aside for a moment for the sake of another's welfare?

In touch with enough self-esteem to face a view that conflicts with yours and tolerate it?

Ready to bring peace into the world one person at a time, beginning with yourself?

If so, then explore The Listening Planet site to learn more about becoming a more open and focused listener.



Listening to your children is the best discipline, and teaches them to listen to you.