What if you could take a peek at the unique energetic matrix that connects you
to the cosmos?

Come take a journey with us into the world
of Archetypal Energies, an introduction to
the groundbreaking work of The Archetype Project, a leading-edge approach to seeing your life in a broader archetypal and
universal framework.
Do you find yourself
pushed or pulled in ways
that you don’t have
control over?

This mythical and magical workshop takes
core shamanic principles to a whole new level, while offering direct access to personal transformation. Here’s a powerful body of
tools to help you craft and co-create
your own destiny.
Have you ever tried
talking to the sun, or the moon? And why would
you do that?

Now there’s a way to have that
conversation… Transcending the usual
one-size-fits-all methodology, this new approach is a quantum leap beyond astrology and speaks directly and exclusively to
each and every individual.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome and Registration - 8:30 AM
Workshop - 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: Mt. Hood Room, Discovery Museum, World Forestry Center in Washington Park near the Oregon Zoo

Directions: World Forestry Center

Parking: Ample parking for $4 all day
Public Transit: Trimet MAX - Red or Blue Lines

Workshop Fee:

$99 Early Bird Registration
$129 Registration after Oct. 5

(Registration includes admission to the Museum - a $9 value)

Note: Pre-registration only, no registration at the door - customized materials are created for each workshop participant that requires advance preparation

Limited Space: Registration is limited to 22 participants

Catered Lunch:

optional individual sandwich boxed lunch with drink $15 additional (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options available)

Menu: (the caterer we’re using is Elephants Deli; click here for a menu and enter your choice in the Registration Form below). Note: We highly recommend you preorder a boxed lunch or bring your own lunch ; on-site options for food are limited at this site.

What to expect:

This is an opportunity to explore the impact of Archetypal Energies on our lives and experience methods to enhance our relationship with them. The workshop is a rich, experiential package combining live facilitation and discussion, multi-media presentations, music, exercises and shamanic journeying. You’ll be seated most of the time, standing and moving some of the time (not strenuous physical activity).

What you’ll get:

Your own personalized Archetype Life Chart (to take away), a customized CD of music to support practicing the new tools you’ll receive, ongoing support from an Archetype Ambassador for the next month, access to an original body of work that has never been introduced to Portland!

What to bring:

Notebook, pen, comfortable clothes (another layer in case you find the room cool) and if you don’t order a catered boxed lunch, please bring your own lunch - there are limited options for food at this location and you won’t have time during the lunch break to drive off-site.

Please fill-out the Workshop Registration Form and make your payment using the Cart Button below.

A $50 Deposit ($65 with optional box lunch) will secure your place in the Workshop and the balance will be due upon arrival. If you prefer to pay the full Workshop Fee, we would encourage it in order to streamline your welcome process the morning of the workshop.

If you are unable to attend, your Deposit will not be refundable but may be applied to another Workshop in the future. Payment of the Workshop Deposit will be required online by credit card or PayPal.



Special instructions?

Your payment receipt will be from Building Dreams Inc., the event partner and producer in Portland, Oregon.

Project Author:

Shanon Harwood

More than 40 years ago,
Shanon became interested
in tarot and astrology. This 
passion was augmented when,
as a young woman, she moved to Dubai where she worked
for a local newspaper and wrote feature articles on the various
religions represented in the region.
Shanon marvelled that although
the terminology and ceremony differed from religion to religion, each faith was essentially saying the same thing. This concept was further supported at university where Religious Studies drew a similar parallel to ancient gods and goddesses from around the world - once again, different names representing the exact same energy. 

Armed with this contention, Shanon went to work and over a two-year period wrote, “It Depends on Who’s Looking - The Archetype Project”. This work is designed to bring people together in harmony as they study the universality of the Archetypal Energies referred to in religion, folklore and myth. 

Workshop Presenters:

Shanon Harwood, Marv Harwood and Nicholas Jones - shamanic practitioners and teachers based in Alberta, Canada. The first full workshop series was launched in 2010 and second series in 2012 by Kimmapii under the stream of Destinistic Shamanism. Based on the success of these workshops, an introductory one-day workshop was developed, being brought to the USA for the first time in 2013.

History and Background
on The Archetype Project:

For the first time an access has been offered to bridge our lives with the invisible, timeless World of the Archetypes - those Universal Forces and Primordial Energies that guide everything from personal consciousness to the behavior of planets. Through our understanding of how these Energies are impacting us as individuals, we are able to actively engage in forging a new relationship with the Archetypes. In so doing, we actively co-create our destiny rather than simply accepting fate.

The Archetype Project is 40 years in the making and 4 years in development, culminating in an original narrative, a manuscript that is being developed into a film script, a full workshop series and digital products in design. A unique body of artwork, symbols and music representing the cast of Archetypes is presented as a new cosmology for our times. The Project builds on universal archetypes expressed by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, reaching beyond their foundational work to empower ordinary people to shift an archetypal relationship to make changes in this lifetime.

The narrative and the original body of distinctions was conceived and written by Shanon Harwood, and later adapted for the workshop with Marv Harwood and Nicholas Jones and a team of volunteers, the Archetype Ambassadors.

Portland Workshop:

Nicholas Jones


Tel: 310-880-9393

Project Author:

Shanon Harwood


Tel: 403-627-3756

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Portland, Oregon